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Cable guidance profile - coated metal

The metal cable bridge Easy-Bridge is suitable for extreme loads. Easy-Bridge cable bridges are tread-proof and ideal for installation in busy foot-traffic areas. The system is compatible with Cable-Snake® Pro-80x18, Cube®, Cube®-SL, Pro 90x24, Classic, Flex and can be easily connected with these systems. Curves with different radiuses and lengths are made by Cable-Snake® cable-chains. By using individual links of the Cable-Snake® Pro, any distance extension can be bridged without sawing off any profiles. Multiple Easy-Bridge cable bridges can be connected together without using any tools. Easy Bridge is fixed on carpets with preassembled velcro system or with 3M doubleadhesive tape - anti slip - on smooth floors.

Technical data
Length: approx. 50 cm or approx. 100 cm
Capacity up to: approx. 25 cables
Minimum cable diameter for floor mounting: 0.0 mm
Maximum cable diameter: 12 mm
Usable interior space for cables: -follows- cm2
Minimum tensile strength: 5 kg
Fasteners: see connection to furniture, ceilings, floor
Temperature range: 15°-60° Celsius
Operating temperature: 20° Celsius
Impact resistance: -follows- Joule
Material: BionicQ®, food-safe, free of harmful substances, insulating, 100% recyclable
Can be driven over by cars up to 2000 kg vehicle weight (point load 200 kg / cm2)/ optimised for floor mounting
Can be combined with cable snake Cube®, Cube®-SL, Cube®-MX, Flex-I, Flex-II, Classic, Pro
Information status: 17.01.2024