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Qube® 0°-0°
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Cable Snake® Qube® 0°-0°
Deflectability in the direction of the slot side = 0°.
Deflectability in the direction of the rear = 0°.
Minimum bending radius for cable = 10 m

Technical data
Length 34 chain links: approx. 100 cm
Extension chain links KS-QUB-50x16-0°45° in 3cm steps.
Capacity up to: approx. 10 cables
Minimum cable diameter: 3 mm
Maximum cable diameter: 8 mm
Usable inner space for cable: 4.9 cm2
Minimum tensile strength in longitudinal direction: 20 kg
Fastening means: connection to furniture, ceilings, floor
Minimum bending radius of routed cables: 30 mm
Operating temperature: 15°-60° Celsius
Impact resistance: 2 Joule
Material: BionicQ®, food-safe, non-toxic, insulating, 100% recyclable, sustainable
Impact resistance: up to 100 kg
Qube® can be combined with all Q-LAB® cable coil systems with two plugs.

Information status: 01.05.2023