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Qube® Set 3
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No. Shop-KS-QUB-Set3
A1: Desk Fixing
C: Connector
H1: Max. height of table
V :Cable Snake® Extension
BP: Base plate

Cable Snake® Qube®
Defined roll-off curves for standard tables.

Cable Snake® Qube® is the world's leading 2-D cable management system for the office sector. Chain links that can be deflected to various degrees determine the exact rolling characteristics of the system. Thanks to 4 chain links that can be combined with each other and have different deflection angles, precisely defined curves and straight sections are created. Cables are easily and quickly inserted through the Easy-Zip® slats. The worldwide unique Gecko® magnetic profile fixes Qube® to round and square table legs without tools and without slipping. The patented Gecko® magnetic fingers also grip around round table legs. Qube® can be used individually on all sit-stand tables and standard tables. Patent-pending linking solutions of several tables are carried out in such a way that cables are no longer routed along the floor.


The system is compatible with all Q-LAB® cable snake systems with 2 connectors by means of coupling adapters and can be simply plugged together with them. This means that floor systems can also be easily coupled to Cable Snake® Qube®.
Cable Snake® Qube® is equipped with the Easy-Zip® slats developed by Q-LAB®, allowing cables to be threaded in just like a zip. Cable Snake® Qube® is tread-resistant and can easily withstand 100 kg on 3 chain links.

Technical data
Length 34 chain links: approx. 100 cm
Extension chain links KS-QUB-50x16-0°45° in 3cm steps.
Capacity up to: approx. 10 cables
Minimum cable diameter: 3 mm
Maximum cable diameter: 8 mm

Usable inner space for cable: 4.9 cm2

Minimum tensile strength in longitudinal direction: 20 kg

Fastening means: connection to furniture, ceilings, floor

Minimum bending radius of routed cables: 30 mm

Operating temperature: 15°-60° Celsius
Impact resistance: 2 Joule

Material: BionicQ®, food-safe, non-toxic, insulating, 100% recyclable, sustainable

Impact resistance: up to 100 kg

Qube® can be combined with all Q-LAB® cable coil systems with two plugs.

Information status: 01.05.2023