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Kabelschlange Cube [schwarz RAL 9005]
Orbit-50 Tex Wool Set (sz)
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Desk fixture
Desk to desk fixture
floor plate

Cable-Snake® Premium Tex
Exclusive cable-sheath

Cable-Snake® Premium Tex is the high-quality solution for users who want to completely encase cables. The system will be produced according to your requirements from your desired material. Adequate to the individual furniture line, we use high quality leather, alkantara and fabrics according to your requests. Variants with velcro, zipper and buttons are producible. In the end-segments of each Premium Tex a removable chain link of Cable-Snake® Premium (via velcro system) is integrated. Thereby cables can be installed at any time quickly and neatly. All accessories of Cable-Snake® Quadro and Premium can be combined with this system forming the first networkable “cable tube”.

Technical Data
Capacity up to about:   40 cables
Stretched lengthwise:   approx. 75 cm or 125 cm
Matériau:   Polypropylen, textile, metal

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