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Cable Snake® Geoflex®

Cable Snake® Geoflex® is the most compact Q-LAB® cable management system.
The two lateral joint connectors can be moved longitudinally, which means that the Cable Snake® Geoflex® can also be compressed.
Tensile forces of up to 20 kg enable tension-resistant ceiling suspensions of up to 5 metres.
Chain links made of food-safe and recyclable plastic Bionic® are available in numerous translucent or opaque colours.
Cable Snake® Geoflex® can be compressed by approx. 30% by pushing it together and used as a rigid cable duct. When the chain links are pulled apart, they snap into an articulated position for optimal unwinding. If more force is applied, the cable chain can be moved in any desired direction.

Technical data

Length stretched, 34 chain links: approx. 100 cm

Length when folded: approx. 69 cm

Capacity up to: approx. 15 cables

Minimum cable diameter: 1.5 mm

Maximum cable diameter: 20 mm

Usable interior space for cables: 7.28 cm2

Minimum tensile strength: 20 kg

Fasteners: see connection to furniture, ceilings, floor

Minimum bending radius cable snake Cube-3D around first axis: 15 mm

Minimum bending radius cable snake Cube-3D around second axis: 40 mm

Operating temperature: 15°-60° Celsius

Impact strength: 2 Joule

Material: BionicQ®, food-safe, pollutant-free, insulating, 100% recyclable

Tread resistance: not tread resistant

Information status: 01.01.2022