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Kabelschlange Classic [schwarz RAL 9005]
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No. Shop-KS-GEO-30x30-SET-1-si
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Set with floor-plate

Cable-Snake® Classic
The classical “Allround-System”

The Cable-Snake® Classic cable guiding system is particularly compact and universally applicable. The system is limited tread-proof. The extensive accessory range makes the system a classical “Allround-System” for every case of application. The Cable-Snake® Classic can carry up to 20 cables, is flexible lengthwise and with 3 chambers allows separation of data and power cables. The innovative geometry makes “squeeze safe“ side branching of individual cables possible at any point. The compact design and the Easy Zip system meet exacting demands. The system is compatible with Easy-Bridge, Cable-Snake® Cube, Cube MX, Pro, Pro Flex and Flex II and can be easily connected with these systems. The system is suitable for all applications with horizontal and vertical cable runs. Short-term loads of up to 75 kg on 5 chain links at an ambient temperature of 20° are possible in limited foot traffic areas.

Technical Data
Capacity up to about:   20 cables
Stretched lengthwise, 46 chain links:   approx. 100 cm
Length pushed together:   approx. 72 cm
Material:   Polypropylen