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Orbit 70 [m] (sz)
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Cable-Snake® Orbit®
Red-Dot Award Winner 2015

Cable-Snake® Orbit® is the first world-wide individualized cable guiding system. The main parts of the cable chain system comprise a patented bayonet connecter on which various chain forms can be mounted according to the customers‘ designs and demands. The 8 basic forms are made of artificial bio material, metal, glass, wood, or a material of your choice. Links made from food-safe and recyclable artificial BionicQ® are available in a number of translucent or opaque colours. For the highest demands there are links made of metal in anodized colours, galvanized links or links with finely hand-brushed surfaces. Cable-Snake® Orbit® can be compressed by 25% and used as a rigid cable channel. When pulled out, the links lock into a two-axis flexible position in order to enable optimal gliding. Should more pressure be exerted, the cable chain remains flexible in any direction. Thanks to the Cable-Snake® Orbit® we can offer you a very individual building set system for cable guiding which is adaptable to the specific needs and design preferences of the customer.

Technical Data
Stretched lengthwise, 25 chain links: approx. 100 cm
Length pushed together: approx. 77 cm
Capacity up to about: 30 cables
Minimum diameter of guidet cables: 2 mm
Maximum diameter of guidet cables: 15 mm
Usable space: 12,99 cm2
Tensile strenght: at least 15 kg
Fixing Material: see Connections for Furniture, Ceiling, Floor
Operable temperature range: 15°-60° Celsius
Minimal bend radius Cable-Sanke® Orbit-50®: 60 mm
Operating temperature: 15°-60° Celsius
Impact resistance: 2 Joule
Material: BionicQ®: food safe, free of toxins, insolating, 100% recyclable
Due treadable / not for floor mounting
Date of actualization: 06.06.2015