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Easy Clamp 30x60 mm 60° Schulte Evoline Express
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No. Shop-E-CLA-SK-60-30x60
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Easy clamp is the first scaleable system world wide for the attachment of electrical power points to tables.

The back bone of this system is a stable and very slim aluminium profile onto which power point holders and cable clips can be very quickly attached. Power points produced by leading manufacurers can be installed at various angles e.g. under a cable flap. Technical appliances and rechargers are simply, flexibly and stabely fastened with a cleverly designed velcro system. Safe and sure guidance of the cables ist facilitated by cable clips with or without the velcro system. Easy clamp is, of course, compatible to Q-Lab®’s whole range of products. All Cable Snake-Cable Chains and numerous other accessories can be connected up within seconds and thanks to mounting without tools, basic equipment, equipment changes and the extension of equipment are not only executed quickly but are also unique. The easy clamp system is developed continuously and can be adapted to your personal requirements.