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Kabelschlange Cube [schwarz RAL 9005]
Cube SL (tr)
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Cable-Snake® Cube
Outstanding features for ergonomically, high quality designed furniture

Cable-Snake® The treadable Cube SL is equipped with all the innovative functions developed by Q-LAB® since 1994. The integrated 2D/3D system has been optimized for ergonomic furniture so that it unrolls automatically with heightadjustable desks like a caterpillar track. If certain higher forces are exeeded, the system is fully 3Dmobile and lengthflexible. The integrated memory function keeps the chain in the desired position. Cable-Snake® Cube SL is tread-proof and can also be used as a closed channel. The system is compatible with Cable-Snake® Cube, Cube MX, Pro, Classic, Flex, and Flex II and can also be easily connected with these systems. The high-quality design level with textured surfaces meet the most demanding requirements. Cable-Snake® Cube SL is equipped with the Easy Zip system developed by Q-LAB® , whereby cables can be threaded through like a zipper. The stainless steel mounting rod, Easy Steel makes rigid mounting possible such as with desk channels or between adjoining tables. The Easy Rope tension cord can resist traction forces up to 100 kg. (ceiling suspension). Cable-Snake® Cube SL is about 35% compressible and can optional be laid as a closed channel with or without the Easy Steel mounting rod. It can be made anti-slip on carpets by means of Easy Tape.

Technical Data
Stretched lengthwise, 34 chain links: approx. 100 cm
Length pushed together: approx. 69 cm
Capacity up to about: 15 cables
Minimum diameter of guidet cables: 1,5 mm
Maximum diameter of guidet cables: 14 mm
Usable space: 6,28 cm2
Tensile strenght: at least 5 kg
Fixing Material: see Connections for Furniture, Ceiling, Floor
Minimal bend radius Cable-Sanke® Cube-3D long side: 40 mm (Cable-Sanke® Cube-2D: 40 mm)
Minimal bend radius Cable-Sanke® Cube-3D narrow side: 90 mm (Cable-Sanke® Cube-2D: >1.000 mm)
Operating temperature: 15°-60° Celsius
Impact resistance: 2 Joule
Material: BionicQ®: food safe, free of toxins, insolating, 100% recyclable
treadable (not treadable according to DIN EN 62549 for spike heal)
Cable-Sanke® Cube can be combined with Easy-Bridge (tread-proof up to 200 Kg. Treadproof according to DIN EN 62549)
Date of actualization: 13.02.2016