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Orbit 90x90
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Cable Duct Orbit®
German Design Award Winner 2016, Red Dot Design Award Winner 2016

Cable Duct Orbit® impresses with clear design and technical perfection. A patented lever with magnet-holder also enables thick cables to be fed-through. The rotary gap prevents the unwanted slipping down of plugs. The patented possibility to connect from above the table and underneath allocates a worldwide exceptional building set for furniture electrification. Cables can be guided appealingly from the ceiling into furniture and through them. Even when installed headfirst, the impossible-to-loose lever is fixed by a magnet-holder. For premium demand there are handmade high-class surfaces like premium steel, chrome or aluminium. The length of the collar is electable regarding the thickness of the tabletop. For the adapter to connect all Q-LAB® Cable snakes, we use 100 % food-safe bioplastic BionicQ®. With the cable duct Orbit® we first-time succeeded to present an individual Cable duct building set, which unites highest demands on design and technic.