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Flexkette [schwarz RAL 9005]
Flex (sz)
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Cable-Snake® Flex
Compact - flexible - compatible

The Cable-Snake® Flex system is free to move in 3 directions and has approx. 25% flexibility lengthwise. The functional design wins through its clear lines and precise angular form with integrated two chamber system for separated guiding of data- and power lines. Cable-Snake® Flex II is equipped with all the innovative functions developed by Q-LAB® since 1994. The integrated 2D/3D system has been optimized for ergonomic furniture so that it unrolls automatically with height-adjustable desks like a caterpillar track. With the application of higher forces, the system is fully 3D mobile. The integrated memory function keeps the chain in the desired position. Cable-Snake® Flex II is tread-proof to a limited extent and can also be used as a closed channel. The system is compatible with Cable-Snake® Cube, Cube MX, Pro, Classic and Flex and can be easily connected with these systems. The high-quality design with textured surfaces meets the most demanding requirements. The Cable-Snake® Flex II system is compatible with all regular floor-outlets. A wide range of accessories make the system compatible and network-capable for different applications. Cable-Snake® Flex II is suitable for horizontal and vertical cable guidance and is sufficiently tread-proof for low foot traffic areas. Short-term loads of up to 70 kg on 5 chain links at an ambient temperature of 20° are possible.

Technical Data
Capacity up to about:   20 cables
Stretched lengthwise, 54 chain links:   approx. 100 cm
Length pushed together:   approx. 74 cm
Material:   Polypropylen