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Quadro Set 1 (we)
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No. Shop-KS-QUA-S1-we
Quantity Set
Set with floor-plate, desk fixture, 2 screws 4x12mm

Cable-Snake® Quadro
The quadratic Snake for heavy duty

Cable-Snake® Quadro is ideal for the electrification of single workstations for regular tables. The system is very traction stable and ideal for suspensions from the ceiling. The classical-functional design wins through its clear lines and precise quadratic form with integrated two chamber system for separation of data and power lines. Accessories make the system compatible for different applications and network capability. Cable-Snake® Quadro is compatible with Cable-Snake® Premium and Premium Tex. The cable chambers integrated Zip-stop system prevents the unintended removal of installed cables especially in public areas.

Technical Data
Capacity up to:   approx. 40 cables
Stretched lengthwise, 32 chain links:   approx. 100 cm
Material:   Polypropylen