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E-Cube-K : Energy-tower for back-office workplaces

The energy tower ECube-K enables a flexible decentralised power- and data technology supply for workplaces. Up to 2x4 sockets, chargers, network technology and excess cables are neatly stored in the E-Cube-K. E-Cube-K is the economically priced energy-tower for back offices and is slip resistant on carpets. E-Cube-K can be connected to all standard floor-outlets, cable-channels and ceilingoutlets. E-Cube-K is compatible to all Cable-Snake® -systems and to cable bridge Easy-Bridge. Select your E-Cube-K with up to 2x4 sockets inside and the variable sockets in the lid.

E-Cube-M : Mobile energy-tower for highest demands

E-Cube-M is the highquality mobile data- and power supply for congress, lecture, conference and executive offices. If you would like to remove the speaker’s desk and the matching IT technology fast, for example, after a lecture, simply move E-Cube-M with its attached Cable-Snake® into the next room and you can start the buffet immediately. The cubic clear design of ECube-M convinces through the massive all-metal design made of 100% aluminum with high quality anodized surfaces. Fixed, fold-out or extendible sockets in the lid solve every task immediately.

from 150,00 €
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